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Different Ways to See Your Doctor at Nextera Healthcare

Many people are of the belief that there is one way the doctor’s office works. You call the receptionist, you make an appointment with your in-network healthcare provider. You show up for your appointment, wait in the waiting room a while, the doctor sees you for about five to ten minutes, and then you’re on […]Read More >

Stress Management Tips For the Holiday Season

For some, this has seemingly been the longest year in history. For others, it’s shocking that we’re already in the final month of the year — where did the time go? Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, you may be feeling a little bit stressed. This is absolutely okay and entirely […]Read More >

How Direct Primary Care Compliments Health Insurance

If you’ve been digging into Direct Primary Care options at Nextera Healthcare in Longmont, you may have noticed that we often recommend pairing Direct Primary Care (DPC) with some form of more traditional health insurance. This may seem strange at first since you probably already know that Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare covers upwards […]Read More >

Nextera Healthcare Stands with Small Business

At Nextera Healthcare in the Greeley area, we know that small businesses are a crucial part of every community. Now more than ever, it’s paramount that we stand with our small to medium businesses, of all types however we can. In today’s blog, our healthcare team talks about why small business is important to us, […]Read More >

Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth seems to be increasing in popularity by the minute — and for good reason. There is a lot to love about receiving healthcare services via telehealth. In today’s blog at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area, we discuss some of the reasons our patients love telehealth services. Keep reading to learn more and sign […]Read More >

The Nextera Healthcare Guide to COVID-19

As the world starts to adapt and make changes to accommodate this uncharted Coronavirus territory, people are still left with many questions. At Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area, our goal is to address all of your healthcare needs and concerns. In today’s blog, we cover some of the questions we are commonly asked surrounding […]Read More >