The Nextera Healthcare Guide to COVID-19

As the world starts to adapt and make changes to accommodate this uncharted Coronavirus territory, people are still left with many questions. At Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area, our goal is to address all of your healthcare needs and concerns. In today’s blog, we cover some of the questions we are commonly asked surrounding COVID-19 and how to respond responsibly. Keep reading to learn more, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your personal Nextera Healthcare physician for all your COVID-19 concerns, healthcare needs, and more.

I Was At An Event With Someone and Later Discovered They Tested Positive for COVID-19

This scenario is fairly common. Many people attend responsible, socially-distanced events and later discover that another attendee has tested positive for the Coronavirus. So what now? If you and everyone attending the event followed proper guidelines like frequent handwashing and staying more than six feet apart, then your risk should be fairly low. However, whether you were in close contact with the person who tested positive or not, you should still make sure you are aware of common symptoms and monitor yourself closely. Symptoms generally appear anywhere from two to fourteen days after your exposure. Be sure to take your temperature often, keep an eye out for symptoms, and limit your exposure to other people during the 14-day period. If you develop any symptoms, contact your healthcare provider at Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area virtually, over the phone, or through other distanced means right away.

I Am About to Travel, What Precautions Do I Need To Take?

At Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area, we do not recommend traveling if it can be avoided. Travel should be limited as much as possible, however, if it is necessary, we recommend adhering to the following:

  • Avoid staying overnight, if possible
  • If lodging is necessary, find hotels that thoroughly disinfect rooms between guests
  • Avoid traveling using shared transportation
  • If a rental car is unavoidable, ensure all surfaces are disinfected between uses
  • Follow all best practices (stay six feet apart, wash hands frequently, utilize a face mask, etc.)

My Child is in Daycare and Was Exposed to Another Child Who Tested Positive for COVID-19, What Now?

Since symptoms can take up to 14 days to present themselves, it is recommended that the child does not interact with people outside of the household for at least 14 days after the exposure. Be sure to monitor them closely for any symptoms and contact your healthcare professional at Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area right away if more serious symptoms develop.

What Should I Do If I Discover One of My Coworkers Has Tested Positive for COVID-19?

If you have come into close contact with this coworker, then we recommend following the same procedures we outlined in the “I Was At An Event With Someone and Later Discovered They Tested Positive for COVID-19” section. If you have not been anywhere near the coworker, it is still wise to monitor yourself closely for symptoms and work with your employer to find the best course of action moving forward.

Nextera Healthcare

At Nextera Healthcare in the Longmont area, we understand that things can feel confusing. If you’d like to work with your own personal healthcare provider for all things COVID-19 or otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team anytime.