Common Injuries During the Holiday Season

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? It seems like the world shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic just the other day. But we’ve already had Halloween, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it’s already December! With the holidays being upon us, today’s blog at Nextera Healthcare in Greeley is all about common injuries that we tend to see around this time of year. The hope is that if you know the common injuries that happen this time of year, that you’ll be prepared and make a conscious effort to avoid any of these injuries happening to you or your loved ones!

However, if you do experience any of the following injuries this holiday season, our Direct Primary Care team at Nextera Healthcare is ready to help however we can. While we always love seeing our patients, we want to see you for routine check-ups more so than a holiday-season related injury! To sign up for Direct Primary Care services at Nextera Healthcare in Greeley or to learn more, contact us today.

Back Pain

To kick off our list of common holiday injuries, we have back pain. This is the time of year where many people choose to decorate their homes in celebration. This can involve lifting heavy boxes of decorations out of storage, bending and twisting in an effort to hang the decorations just right, and other activities that can tweak/bother your back. This holiday season, make sure that you are lifting using proper posture, asking for help, and are aware of your limits to avoid any unnecessary back pain.

Slips and Falls

Colorado is notorious for its bipolar weather. While many find it charming that one day it is 75 degrees and sunny and the next it’s blizzarding, this can make for very slippery conditions. Since our temperature can fluctuate so widely, damp roads and sidewalks can quickly turn into icy roads and sidewalks in the blink of an eye. During this time of year, our Direct Primary Care team in Greeley sees an increased number of ice-related injuries — whether they be from driving or walking down the sidewalk. During this time of year, it’s always important to watch your step and be careful of ice even if everything looks clear. All it takes is one sneaky patch of ice to sweep you off your feet and leave you battered and bruised.

Recently taken a slip and want to ensure everything is okay? Sign up for our Direct Primary Care services at Nextera Healthcare in Greeley and visit your doctor virtually or in-person as often as you like for no extra costs.

Ladder Accidents

Everyone loves holiday lights and decorations. But an unfortunate aspect of everyone out decorating their homes is an increased number of ladder injuries. Being on a ladder on its own can provide some risk regardless of how safe you are, but being on a ladder during this time of year can present a whole new set of hazards and challenges. Our Direct Primary Care team at Nextera Healthcare recommends ensuring your ladder isn’t placed on ice and having one person hold the ladder while another descends or ascends it. This minimizes risks and helps to ensure that everybody has a safe and happy holiday season.

Winter Sports Injuries

Holiday seasons provide many people with unique opportunities to hit the ski slopes or dust off the old snowboard. Whether you are taking a vacation from work or have some time off from school for winter break, the ski slopes are typically abuzz this time of year. With an increased number of people hitting the slopes also comes more visits to Nextera Healthcare with winter sport injuries. We’d just like to take the time to remind you to always wear a helmet, no matter how experienced a snowboarder or skier you may be!

If you’ve sustained an injury from winter sports activities, schedule an appointment with one of our Direct Primary Care doctors via telehealth or in-person today.


‘Tis the season for candles, menorahs, home-cooked feasts, chestnuts on a fire, and much more. Proper fire safety is always important, but it’s certainly a good thing to keep in mind with all of the fire-related comforts that come with the season. Be sure to unplug Christmas tree lights before you go to sleep, extinguish candles before bed, practice proper fire safety guidelines, and remember to use potholders and other protection while cooking. Burn injuries are all too common this time of year and we’re sure you’d rather be home with your family than visiting your Direct Primary Care physician getting a burn treated!

Food Poisoning

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is all of the delicious food! But no matter how good of a cook or where you source your ingredients, there is always the chance that something could not agree with you and you may wind up with food poisoning. This time of the year, we commonly see people feeling sick from eating too much or eating something that didn’t agree with them. If you’ve got a severe stomach ache that doesn’t seem to be improving, reach out to your Direct Primary Care doctor at Nextera Healthcare in Greeley for assistance.


While the holiday season is the best, most fun time of year for some, others may not feel the same. Depression, anxiety, and stress are all very common this time of year and completely normal emotions. We recommend taking some time for yourself, getting plenty of rest, and reaching out to our professionals at Nextera Healthcare for assistance should you be experiencing any of these emotions. Our Direct Primary Care provider is happy to help in any way we can.

Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare in Greeley

That’s all we have time for today! We hope that this blog has been helpful and that you keep it in the back of your mind this holiday season to help you and your loved ones avoid any injuries or mishaps. Nextera Healthcare in Greeley wishes you a safe and happy holiday.