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Defining Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a healthcare model in which family medicine physicians provide complete primary care services for a set monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. It is a fresh alternative to traditional healthcare plans.

“Excellent value and peace of mind. Amazing staff, caring nurses and doctors. Excellent plan!” – Katie O.

The Nextera Healthcare Solution

Nextera Healthcare is changing the way providers deliver and patients think about primary care. The Nextera Healthcare direct primary care program is a new framework for delivering primary care services that gives patients greater access to physicians, more one-on-one time with caregivers and, in turn, nets better health outcomes. Structured on a set monthly membership model, Nextera Healthcare is blazing the trail to a better way of care by putting patients in control of their health.

In addition to the increased patient satisfaction we have generated, Nextera Healthcare has helped employers put up some big numbers. Or shall we say, brought down.


Healthcare Membership

Maximizing Nextera Healthcare Membership

While the majority of primary care services are included in the Nextera Healthcare membership, additional costs may be incurred for laboratory, medical imaging, surgery, specialist care, emergency department visits, and hospitalization. For this reason, patients are generally best served by combining Nextera Healthcare direct primary care membership with a high-deductible insurance policy to cover specialist physician and hospital services.


Other Notable Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Save Money

Employers, employees, and everyone else can save big on healthcare costs by utilizing Direct Primary Care. It’s no secret that healthcare costs in the United States are skyrocketing and show no sign of dropping anytime soon. Rather than dishing out some serious cash for an expensive healthcare policy, you can pair Direct Primary Care with a much more affordable deductible policy or healthshare. This gives you greater access to your doctor for much less since Direct Primary Care allows for unlimited visits with no copays, deductibles, or hidden fees.


More Personalized Care

Direct Primary Care doctor’s visits work a little differently than a traditional visit to the doctor’s office. Direct Primary Care doctors at Nextera Healthcare see fewer patients throughout the day. This translates to a more relaxed, non-rushed experience where you get the quality of care you need and have the opportunity to have all of your concerns addressed. You have your doctor’s full, undivided attention for 30-60 minutes — or however long it takes to meet your healthcare needs. That’s a lot different than most peoples’ experience with in-network primary care providers contracted with insurance companies.


Unlimited Visits

Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare revolutionizes how many people view healthcare. In many cases, people will actually avoid going to the doctor because they can’t afford the visit even if they only have a copay. Since there are no copays, deductibles, or other fees other than your monthly membership, there is virtually no downside to talking with your doctor as much as you want to, wherever and whenever you want to. No more avoiding the doctor because it’s too expensive. You simply get access to a healthcare professional when you have questions, are sick, or for any other reasons — as it should be. Our physicians/providers have the time to focus on your overall health and wellness vs just doing sick care.


At Nextera Healthcare, our goal is to make healthcare as accessible and hassle-free as possible. We don’t only offer industry-leading patient care in-person, we can communicate with you in a way that works best for you. You can choose to have your doctor visit with a video call, over the telephone, via text message, or any other means of communication you prefer. This is professional, affordable healthcare on your terms. No red tape, in-network providers, hoops, rules, hidden fees, or nonsense. 


Work Directly With Your Doctor

With the existing healthcare model in the U.S., you sign up for health insurance and ultimately they pay the doctors on your behalf. Typically, you are responsible for paying for a portion of the visit out-of-pocket anyhow depending on the plan you agreed to. In this way, traditional insurance acts as a sort of middle man. But with Direct Primary Care, you are essentially starting a healthcare membership agreement directly with your preferred primary care physician. You pay one low monthly cost direct to your Nextera Healthcare and get to utilize your doctor’s services as much as you’d like.


Nextera Healthcare

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