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Defining Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a health care model in which family medicine physicians provide complete primary care services for a set monthly, quarterly or annual fee. It is a fresh alternative to traditional health care plans.

“Excellent value and peace of mind. Amazing staff, caring nurses and doctors. Excellent plan!” – Katie O.

The Nextera Healthcare Solution

Nextera Healthcare is changing the way providers deliver and patients think about primary care. The Nextera Healthcare direct primary care program is a new framework for delivering primary care services that gives patients greater access to physicians, more one-on-one time with caregivers and, in turn, nets better health outcomes. Structured on a set monthly membership model, Nextera Healthcare is blazing the trail to a better way of care by putting patients in control of their health.

In addition to the increased patient satisfaction we have generated, Nextera Healthcare has helped employers put up some big numbers. Or shall we say, brought down.


Healthcare Membership

Maximizing Nextera Healthcare Membership

While the majority of primary care services are included in the Nextera Healthcare membership, additional costs may be incurred for laboratory, medical imaging, surgery, specialist care, emergency department visits and hospitalization. For this reason, patients are generally best served by combining Nextera Healthcare membership with a high-deductible insurance policy to cover specialist physician and hospital services.


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