Nextera Healthcare Stands with Small Business

At Nextera Healthcare in the Greeley area, we know that small businesses are a crucial part of every community. Now more than ever, it’s paramount that we stand with our small to medium businesses, of all types however we can. In today’s blog, our healthcare team talks about why small business is important to us, the part we’re playing in supporting it, and the services we provide to businesses and residents alike. Keep reading to learn more or feel free to reach out to our friendly healthcare professionals today.

Invest in Your Community

You may have heard slogans like “support small business” and other similar taglines. But why should you choose to spend your hard-earned dollars at a small, locally owned business rather than some mega-chain venue? Well, when you support small business, you are putting that money directly into your local economy. You are supporting your neighbors, your family, and your friends who own these businesses. They are then taking that money and using it to provide jobs, purchase goods from local vendors, and more. When you choose a large box business that money often goes outside of the local community and benefits people you don’t see or even know.

How We’re Supporting Small Business

At Nextera Healthcare in the Greeley area, we love small businesses and want to support businesses and business owners in any way we can. In fact, for the remainder of 2020, our Greeley area healthcare team has a special offer for all small-business owners and their employees. We are going to waive all healthcare enrollment fees for individuals, couples, and families if you own or work for a small business. Typically, we have one-time registration fees of $99 for individuals, $198 for couples, and $249 for families.

Sign up to get your primary healthcare needs met at Nextera Healthcare in the Greeley area and save up to $249!

Our Invaluable Services

At Nextera Healthcare, we provide what’s known as Direct Primary Care. This is a healthcare solution that encompasses a vast majority of your healthcare needs for a highly-affordable monthly cost. Direct Primary Care can be thought of as a healthcare membership that is made directly with your very own primary care physician. Direct Primary Care unlocks unlimited access to your doctor where and when you need them. Get unlimited in-person, phone, telehealth, and other types of visits. No copays, no hidden fees. Just quality healthcare at an affordable price. Whether you are a business owner, an employee, or someone simply looking for a better way to do healthcare, we are the team you can trust.

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Nextera Healthcare in the Greeley Area

Our healthcare professionals at Nextera Healthcare, a veteran-owned local Colorado business, in the Greeley area stand with small businesses during this trying time, and we hope that you will too. So get out there and support your local small and medium-size businesses today!