Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth seems to be increasing in popularity by the minute — and for good reason. There is a lot to love about receiving healthcare services via telehealth. In today’s blog at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area, we discuss some of the reasons our patients love telehealth services. Keep reading to learn more and sign up to become a member of Nextera Healthcare today for unlimited access to our telehealth services!

Telehealth Defined

For those of you unfamiliar with what exactly telehealth is, here is a brief explanation. Telehealth is a way for you to have your doctor make a digital housecall. You and your doctor can participate in a video call, a phone call, or other means of digital communication to provide you with professional healthcare services remotely. Nextera Healthcare takes telehealth a step further by allowing you unlimited virtual access to your doctor that you already know and trust.


Convenience is another benefit that people see from using telehealth services. Traditionally, you would have to schedule an appointment for whenever your doctor is available and take time off work or carve out a chunk of time on your agenda. Then, when the day comes, you have to jump in the car, drive to the doctor’s office, and spend some time waiting in the waiting room with other potentially sick people. But with telehealth services like those we offer at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area, we turn that entire concept upside down. You simply schedule an appointment for a time that works for you and pull out your smartphone to start speaking with your doctor. No commuting, no huge time commitment, just fast, convenient healthcare that comes to you wherever you are. Whether you are at work, at home watching the kids, or out and about, you can have a doctor’s visit wherever you are with an internet connection or cell service.

Greater Access

For some, it can be difficult to make it to the doctor’s office. For example, if you are getting more advanced in your years and no longer drive, you will have to coordinate a ride to and from the doctor’s office. And even if you can find someone kind enough to give you a ride, it can be tough to travel when you are older regardless of the distance. Another example could be if you live in a more rural area and going to the doctor’s office means a lengthy drive. You may not want to spend a large chunk of time in the car commuting to your doctor’s appointment — this is especially true when you are sick and not feeling well.

Unfortunately, many people in these situations choose to forego seeking out healthcare altogether because of the challenges they have to overcome to simply get in the door. But with telehealth healthcare services, those challenges in the previous examples are no longer an issue. With telehealth, you can visit your doctor and get the professional healthcare consultation you need without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. This simple-yet-effective service allows greater access to healthcare for significantly more people who are interested in speaking with a healthcare professional but previously didn’t have easy access.

Reduced Exposure

COVID-19 has made it more important than ever before to reduce exposure to those who may be ill. The last place you want to be during a pandemic, and in general, is in a waiting room at the doctor’s office full of sick people. Perhaps the biggest benefit of telehealth is the fact that you don’t have to leave your home for healthcare. You can have a doctor visit from the comfort of your own home without braving doctor’s office waiting rooms or coming into contact with anybody else at all. While this may sound a little lonesome, it is far and above the safest, most responsible way to visit your doctor.

It’s also worth mentioning that telehealth helps reduce you exposing other people to any sickness you may have as well. You could just as easily be the sick person in the aforementioned example in the doctor’s office unintentionally spreading germs to those you come into contact with. Telehealth services like those at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area are the best way to reduce your exposure to those who may be ill and prevent other people from receiving any illnesses you may be carrying.

Save Time

The last benefit of telehealth that we’ll talk about today is the fact that it can save you time. Think about it — it takes time to get ready for your appointment, drive to the office, hang out in the waiting room until they’re ready for you, have your appointment, pay your copay before you leave, drive back home, drive to the pharmacy to pick up meds if you were prescribed any, and then settle back in at home. With telehealth, you pick up your phone, have your appointment, and you’re done. No commuting, no waiting, no fuss.

On the flip side, if you do need to see your healthcare professional in person, telehealth saves you time here too. That’s because if other people who don’t necessarily need to be at the doctor’s office in person choose to utilize telehealth services, the wait at the office won’t take as long either because there will be fewer people at the office at any given time. So really telehealth is a win-win for everyone.

Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick Area

Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area. We hope that today’s blog has helped you see a few of the many advantages that telehealth services have to offer. If you or someone you know is interested in the telehealth healthcare services we offer here at Nextera Healthcare in the Frederick area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to answer any questions and help you in any way that we can!