How Direct Primary Care Compliments Health Insurance

If you’ve been digging into Direct Primary Care options at Nextera Healthcare in Longmont, you may have noticed that we often recommend pairing Direct Primary Care (DPC) with some form of more traditional health insurance. This may seem strange at first since you probably already know that Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare covers upwards of 80% of all your health care needs. But, high-deductible insurance plans and Direct Primary Care make for a powerful and comprehensive combination. Keep reading to learn more or contact us today to learn more about our Direct Primary Care options.

Businesses! Waived enrollment fees for businesses has been extended! You can now provide your employees with Direct Primary Care services for ZERO enrollment fees through the end of 2020.

Be Prepared For Anything

One of the main reasons that more and more people are choosing to pair Direct Primary Care and high-deductible insurance for their healthcare needs is due to providing more comprehensive care for less. Direct Primary Care covers a considerable amount of your healthcare needs, but it’s coverages typically fall short for uncommon and more costly events like surgeries, specialist visits, and other serious injuries. That’s why Direct Primary Care is not a replacement for insurance, but rather an excellent supplement. With Direct Primary Care covering a vast majority of your needs and a high-deductible insurance plan covering the remaining small percentage, you are completely prepared for any healthcare challenges life throws your way.

Provides Your Employees Flexibility

Employers love our healthcare solutions at Nextera Healthcare. Our Direct Primary Care options are generally more affordable and cover more than standard healthcare offerings for businesses. Additionally, providing your employees with healthcare options like Direct Primary Care opens up a variety of options for employees. Since DPC covers so many of most employees’ healthcare needs, it frees them up to choose a much less expensive insurance plan that accounts for their specific needs and concerns outside the reach of Direct Primary Care. To learn more about Direct Primary Care for businesses, check out our For Employers page or contact us directly. And remember, waived enrollment fees for businesses have been waived through the end of 2020 — so act fast!

Saves You Money

Pairing Direct Primary Care with a high-deductible healthcare plan actually saves you money. For a standard insurance plan with a lower deductible, you’ll wind up paying more monthly and you’ll still have to pay deductibles, copays, and a variety of other out-of-pocket expenses. But with Direct Primary Care at Nextera, you pay one low monthly fee and you’ll never pay a copay or deductible for seeing your doctor — regardless of how often you go.

High-deductible insurance plans are significantly more affordable than the standard, more common low-deductible plans. Ultimately, the cost of DPS and a high-deductible insurance plan is less money monthly than a comparable insurance plan that would have the same coverages. It’s also worth noting that you won’t have to pay for copays and deductibles with the pairing of DPS and high-deductible insurance, saving you substantially in out-of-pocket costs as well.

Higher Quality Care

Most healthcare options these days pigeon hole you into only seeing in-network providers. As if that’s not bad enough, these in-network providers are often very busy and don’t have the bandwidth in their schedule to see you as often as you’d like or for as long as they’d like. They have a few minutes with you and then need to rush off to the next patient. This leaves many with a bad taste in their mouth, but what alternative do they have?

As it turns out, they have Direct Primary Care as an option for higher quality care. Direct Primary Care physicians see fewer patients in a given day and take the time to thoroughly diagnose your issues and address all of your needs. With Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare in Longmont paired with high-deductible health insurance, you can see your doctor as often as you want for as long as you need without worrying about your doctor stressing about rushing off to the next patient. This makes for better patient care and a better experience for your doctor as well.

Makes More Sense For More People

The bottom line is that pairing DPC with insurance makes the most sense for most people. You can see your doctor as often as you want, and because of the DPC element of your healthcare plan, you’ll never get punished for it. With standard healthcare offerings, the more you go to your doctor, the more you’ll pay in copays and deductibles that are essentially punishing you for seeking out medical advice. In fact, many people are discouraged from going to the doctor and only go after it’s absolutely necessary because they don’t want to or can’t afford all the extra costs. That’s why Nextera Healthcare offers a different way to do healthcare that makes much more sense. See your doctor where and when you want via telehealth or in-person to get the health services you need and proactively treat conditions before they have a chance to get worse.

Discover Your Healthcare Options at Nextera Healthcare

Direct Primary Care and insurance are not replacements for one another, but a powerful duo revolutionizing the way people think about their healthcare in the U.S. Whether you are a business owner, an individual, or a family looking for a more optimal healthcare solution, Nextera Healthcare in Longmont can help. Learn more by contacting us today or start your DPC experience today by signing up here.