Different Ways to See Your Doctor at Nextera Healthcare

Many people are of the belief that there is one way the doctor’s office works. You call the receptionist, you make an appointment with your in-network healthcare provider. You show up for your appointment, wait in the waiting room a while, the doctor sees you for about five to ten minutes, and then you’re on your way. But what if we told you that there is a different, better way to do healthcare? Well, there is! Today’s blog at Nextera Healthcare in Frederick is all about the different ways that you can see your doctor. Keep reading to learn more and become a member of Nextera Healthcare in Frederick today.


While you don’t have to see your preferred healthcare professional in-person, we know that there are still those of you who prefer this option — and that’s completely okay. In cases where your doctor needs to examine you for whatever reason, doing so in-person is usually a little easier. Plus, there are those of us who would prefer good ol’ face-to-face interactions, and we’d like to accommodate all our patients as best as we can. It’s worth noting, however, that during this COVID-19 pandemic, we may recommend that you do not come in if you suspect that you have it. Nextera Healthcare in Frederick may also recommend that you avoid coming in and use our other options when possible if you are an at-risk population for the Coronavirus. If you have any questions regarding our in-person healthcare services during COVID-19, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

For those looking for a different way to do healthcare in today’s world, you can see your Direct Primary Care physician at Nextera Healthcare through any of the following means of communication. Your doctor is willing to communicate with you in any form that best suits your needs.

Over The Phone

At Nextera Healthcare in Frederick, we understand that sometimes you just need a little medical advice. This is especially true for new parents with a little one at home. You’ll find that tons of questions come up like:

  • My baby’s fever won’t break, what should I do now?
  • I can’t get my child to eat, is there anything you can do?
  • I jammed my finger pretty bad, is this something that I should come in for?
  • Someone in my household has asthma and the smoke from nearby fires are having a negative impact, what can I do?
  • I have a cold that I can’t seem to kick, what are my next steps?

These are all examples of questions that you can ask over the phone that your preferred healthcare professional would be happy to help you with. In some cases, we may need you or your loved one to come into the office or provide us with more details to provide proper treatment. But, for a family on the go with questions about medical advice, using the phone to call your doctor at Nextera Healthcare can be an excellent option.

Via Email or Text Message

For those who would prefer not to speak on the phone or come in person, we are happy to work with you through email or text message communications as part of your Direct Primary Care healthcare service. If you have a question or need advice that isn’t necessarily time-sensitive, text message and email can be an ideal mode of communication between you and your doctor at Nextera Healthcare in Frederick.

Face-to-Face in Telehealth Video Chat

The final and most popular healthcare communication options our patients are using is video chat. Second to being with your doctor in-person, video chat services are one of the best healthcare options since your doctor can see, hear, and talk to you like you are in person, but you have the safety of distance between you. During COVID-19, this has been extremely useful and comforting for many of our patients. For those that want to have a doctor’s visit with their preferred doctor but not risk exposure to the Coronavirus, telehealth options can be the perfect solution. Even pre or post-pandemic life, video chatting with your doctor can be an excellent option if you live far away from the doctor’s office but are still looking for quality healthcare. Reach out to us at Nextera Healthcare in Frederick today to learn more.

Nextera Healthcare in Frederick

No matter how you prefer to communicate, our Direct Primary Care team at Nextera Healthcare is happy to accommodate. We have access to most of the same communications systems that you do and want to help our patients in any way that we can. If you aren’t already a member of Nextera Healthcare, you can look for a location near you here and join our Direct Primary Care network here.