Healthcare for Employers

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Direct Primary Care for Your Employees

Save Money. Keep Employees Healthy. Comply with the Affordable Care Act.
Today’s healthcare landscape is a difficult one in which business owners must navigate. Simple economics combined with costly and often confusing federal health care mandates can make attracting, affording, and retaining a talented workforce challenging. But don’t worry, direct primary care with Nextera Healthcare is the solution!

Direct Primary Care in Your Business

Both you and your employees have likely seen your costs and deductibles go up. But has your quality of care increased? Most likely not. Nextera Healthcare’s direct primary care model benefits both employers AND employees, regardless of business size.

“They were willing to give our employees the high-touch experience we wanted for them and willing to offer personalized solutions” – HR VP of Total Rewards, Maxar

Healthcare Eligibility Restrictions

Nextera Healthcare’s Proven Results

Our results confirm that improved access to primary care through Nextera Healthcare, lowers ER and urgent care visits, hospital costs, and specialty costs. Employees are healthier, more productive, and more satisfied with their healthcare experience.

In addition to the increased patient satisfaction we have generated, Nextera Healthcare has helped employers put up some big numbers. Or shall we say, brought down?


Healthcare for Employers

Nextera Healthcare’s Solution

Nextera Healthcare’s direct primary care membership, when paired with a high-deductible health plan, is a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top-quality health benefits to their employees while meeting the employer requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Making Nextera Healthcare direct primary care available to employees is an innovative solution for businesses of virtually all scopes and sizes. We offer customized employee pricing packages to meet your company’s needs. Please contact our Director of Employers and Physician Network, Katie Harmon at (303) 501-2600, or email at to learn more.


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