Taylor Ann Drew, APRN


Taylor Ann Drew has a passion for her patients and creating innovative, accessible healthcare. As the co-owner and founder of Aquarian Clinic, she has a wealth of experience as a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. Her foundation was laid while Taylor was attending the University of Florida securing a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences and shortly thereafter attending and graduating from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing with her MSN, soon thereafter becoming board certified in Adult and Geriatric Specialist.

Taylor Ann cultivated her passion for patients at the young age of 17 when she started working in healthcare, working alongside her mom, an RN, in a local surgery office. Taylor Ann accepted a position in Reno, NV, caring for the underserved at Community Health Alliance (CHA). There she developed and implemented treatment protocols to create better provider/patient relationships. As the Medical Director and Chief Nursing Officer, she was responsible for opening the Center for Complex Care within the CHA ecosystem. In 2017 she returned to Tallahassee to be close to family and started working at a local hospital as a first assist in surgery for Vascular and Plastics.

Taylor managed post-operative patients in the hospital and the clinic and assisted in treating patients in outpatient, urgent and ER settings. In 2018, she moved “in house” as a hospitalist overseeing and managing admission of patients from the Emergency Department as well as direct admissions from outside facilities. When the pandemic arrived in Tallahassee, Taylor became the COVID-19 Admissions Specialist. Like so many other things in our lives, the pandemic helped Taylor focus and dream about innovating patient care. She identified the obvious need for patients to receive more personal, more direct primary, preventative and urgent care for better health outcomes.

As a result, Aquarian Clinic was founded by Taylor Ann and her partner, co-founder and CEO John Kenny. Taylor is able to provide greater care, with even greater passion, producing incredible results. Most importantly she has developed systems which make Aquarian Clinic not just easy to use for the member/patient but allows the primary care provider to do just that; provide the personalized care that patients deserve without the hassle of involving third party billers.


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