Shenary Cotter, MD

West Gainesville

Dr. Cotter completed medical school and residency, OB track, at the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1997. She practiced full-scope Family Medicine in a high priority physician shortage area in East Tennessee, including operative obstetrics. After completing the National Health Service Corps Scholarship, she practiced in a variety of settings, including hospitalist medicine, emergency medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and outpatient medicine. As Faculty at the University of Florida, Dr. Cotter enjoyed teaching clinical medicine to medical students as well as working on the Admissions Committee at the College of Medicine.

Dr. Cotter left academic/employed healthcare in order to co-found Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians for one reason; health improves best when a patient has a relationship connection to his or her physician. Though physicians of the past knew this, research is now showing that it is in fact true. Dr. Cotter has done two important things in creating this practice. She designed the practice to support relationship – hour-long visits, expansive medical services included, and multiple ways to communicate with her. She has also eliminated factors impeding the doctor-patient relationship: the computer, administrative burden, interference from insurance/government, unmanageable patient loads, and affordability of care.

Dr. Cotter’s favorite thing about Gainesville DPC Physicians?

“I can combine my scientific medical knowledge with my knowledge of how loved we are by God to optimize health in all patients.”


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