Sara Schuster, MD


Sara Schuster, MD, was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado where she grew up skiing, hiking, and soaking up the high-altitude sun!

She attended the Colorado School of Mines where she received her degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. While obtaining her undergrad degree she also met her wonderful husband, a fellow Colorado native, avid outdoorsman, and proud Mines engineer.

Dr. Schuster loved engineering, but she knew that her passion was always in medicine. After she completed her undergrad degree, she knew that her next step would be attending medical school so that she could pursue her passion.

She attended the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where on her second day of medical school, she knew that she was meant to be a family physician. She fell in love with the idea of practicing medicine for everyone; old, young, pregnant, seriously ill, completely well, and everyone in-between! Dr. Schuster is very proud to be able to grow her passion for preventative care, full scope family medicine, and patient centered care.

Outside of medicine she loves spending time outside, mogul skiing, backpacking, practicing yoga, and cooking.


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