R. Michele Emery, MD


R. Michele Emery, MD, graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1988 with her Doctor of Medicine degree and a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Practice at Florida Hospital in Orlando in 1991. Dr. Emery has a certification in Lifestyle Medicine as well as her certification in Functional Medicine which emphasizes a holistic, integrative approach to healing. One of 28 physicians in Florida with this certification, Dr. Emery has expertise in identifying the root causes of diseases and encouraging patients to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to help their bodies heal from within.

Dr. Emery brings experience teaching Family Medicine resident physicians-in-training, as well as having practiced in the Emergency Room and Urgent Care settings for several years. At the Student Health Care Center at the University of Florida, she cared for students for over 10 years. Most recently she has been caring for patients from the “cradle to the grave” in Ocala at a Functional Medicine practice.

Dr. Emery has always been passionate about approaching patients’ medical problems holistically, understanding that true health is a sum of healthy habits involving the body, mind, and spirit. Going through her own health crisis with breast cancer, Dr. Emery has an appreciation of the strategies needed to overcome difficult health challenges. She credits her faith in God as the most important healing force in her life.

Dr. Emery is excited about her change to the Direct Primary Care model of medicine because she will finally be able to spend the time with her patients that they need. She is committed to providing excellent medical care with compassion using a holistic approach.

She has resided in Gainesville for over 20 years after serving for 4 years as a missionary physician in Guatemala with her husband. She has 2 sons who are in college and 1 in the Navy. She enjoys her weekly home church, working in her yard, walking, and going to gym classes for strength and flexibility. She speaks Spanish.


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