Paul Bernard, PT, DPT

Firestone, Erie

Paul obtained a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2018. In addition to his extensive training at Regis he completed a six-month clinical rotation at Integral Physical Therapy studying directly under Dr. Chris Edmundson. Paul proved such a valuable asset to the company that he was hired immediately upon graduating.

Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Paul received his bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from the University of Oregon in 2012 and worked as a guitar instructor for several years. It was a repetitive stress injury from practicing guitar, swimming and rock climbing that led Paul to physical therapy. After experiencing great results with his own therapy, Paul knew that he wanted to become a physical therapist to help others as his therapist did for him.

Paul’s approach to treatment includes a combination of hands-on manual therapy and exercise to best address each patient’s needs. Although he welcomes all types of ailments, his treatment areas of interest include the neck, spine and hips. Above all, Paul believes in establishing a strong relationship with his patients to work as a team toward their goals.

Outside of the clinic, Paul enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family, playing guitar, practicing martial arts, and cooking


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