Malia Swanson, MD


I grew up in Boulder, hiking the Flatirons and skiing the back country, and am so honored to practice medicine in the community that raised me. I am married to Jayme and we have three kids. Our eldest was born in a freestanding birth center and the two younger were born at home. On my off days, you can find me training for my next triathlon, walking with a good friend, creating pottery, and playing with my kids. I believe the necessary pillars to a thriving life include sunshine, whole foods, body movement, and whole person wellness.

Why do I practice direct primary care?

I attended medical school in hopes of utilizing my passion for physiology to harness healing for those who were suffering. After working with sick, exasperated patients dealing with the downstream effects of chronic disease, I realized that I was most interested in prevention and optimization of one’s health earlier on in the journey. I care about discovering the root cause of an illness and evoking change from that origin. For example, eczema might be cleared with steroid cream temporarily, but what caused it in the first place? Let’s look at the genetics, immune system, diet, stress, lifestyle, allergen, and other factors that are contributing to this skin manifestation.  Boulder Valley DPC was born out of my desire to have the time for true informed choice discussions, to empower my patients to take charge of their own health care decisions, to focus on multi-faceted holistic health, and to celebrate true transformation. I walk patients through the full journey of life, from birth through death. I would be honored to partner with you in your journey towards optimal health.


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