Josef Leetma, MD

West Gainsville

Dr. Leetmaa completed his Family Medicine residency in June of 2023 after a 12 year career in medicine in Sweden, where he practiced internal medicine in a variety of settings: urban and rural. During that time, he enjoyed everything from practicing emergency care, to doing house calls for remote inhabitants on an archipelago of islands in Sweden. The ability to meet a person’s needs in such a variety of settings became a passion for Dr. Leetmaa, and was the perfect setting to transition to the US and train in Family medicine.

Through practicing in these settings and in two different countries, Dr. Leetmaa has learned that medicine is more than a fund of knowledge in the hands of an experienced and well-educated physician. Having the insight and discernment to apply what he knows to the individual sitting in front of him, who deserves the best care possible, individualized to his or her unique needs and life situation, is in fact his true specialty and calling. Solutions for patients need to be holistic and unique, and this is how Dr. Leetmaa practices the art of medicine.

Dr. Leetmaa enjoys taking care of infants and children as well as adults of all ages. He has a particular interest in cardiovascular medicine and enjoys teaching medicine to medical students and patients with their families. He often stresses the importance of patients understanding their medical situation and the treatments they may undergo. He hopes to build a patient membership of patients of all ages, including families, and focus on prevention of disease.

“Many people live under enormous pressure, stress and addictions today that will affect their health, well-being and relationships.” Dr. Leetmaa believes that a healthy lifestyle can affect a person’s life for the better, including mental capacity, energy, work, hobbies and relationships. He believes that one of the physician’s most important tasks is to educate, encourage and help people take steps in this direction.


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