Jennifer H. Davia, PT, DPT, WCS, CAPP-Pelvic & OB Certified

Firestone, Erie

As a teenager in Florida, Jenn loved to watch people running on the beach. She was mesmerized with how the human body moved. When she had the opportunity as a young teenager to observe a physical therapist in private practice, she was intrigued with how that therapist was so creative with his treatments and realized she was destined to become a physical therapist.

Jenn began her career as a neurological physical therapist specializing in spinal cord injury in 1994 after receiving her first degree in physical therapy from University of Florida. She moved to Colorado in 1995 and began working in the hospital-based outpatient setting with patients with mild traumatic brain injuries and chronic pain. She became interested in pelvic physical therapy after battling her own pelvic issues following the birth of her third child. Passionate about women’s health physical therapy, she went on to complete a certification in pelvic physical therapy (CAPP-Pelvic) and a certification in pregnancy/postpartum physical therapy (CAPP-OB). In her pursuit of excellence, she earned her doctorate degree in physical therapy from University of Montana-Missoula in 2011 and went on to publish her capstone project in the peer-reviewed Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy. She then became an expert in the field of women’s health physical therapy by becoming a board certified women’s health clinical specialist (WCS).


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