Heather L. Fliege, MD


Heather Fliege, MD, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner and one of the first in the state of Colorado to be Board Certified in Holistic Medicine. This dual certification creates a unique method of care that is unavailable in most standard medical practices. Dr. Fliege is able to successfully integrate the aspects of standard Western Medicine with her knowledge of Holistic Medicine to put together a “toolbox of care” for each individual patient. She treats every patient that comes to her as an individual, examining various personal aspects of the patient’s life and how those aspects may relate to their medical concerns. Dr. Fliege approaches her patients with the understanding that each of us has our own story and none of us are “standard” or “textbook”, and because of that, each person’s care plan is individual to that person.

Dr. Fliege earned her Medical Degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and completed her Family and Community Medicine Residency with the Universtiy of Colorado Health Science Center. She has been in private practice for over 20 years as a Family Practice Physician serving all ages.”


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