Amber Wobbekind MD, MPH

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Dr. Wobbekind moved to Golden in 2015 and decided to start a medical practice, she was instantly certain of the name she would choose. She can think of no better name than “The Golden Stethoscope” to represent the outstanding level of care and commitment you will receive from her; both rooted in the past and reaching out toward the future.

Dr. Wobbekind loves the Direct Primary Care model of medicine because it provides amazing opportunities for both herself and you. Together, you can focus on what is truly important: your health. In current insurance-based doctors’ offices, a doctor does not get paid unless you walk through the door for a visit. Unfortunately, this creates multiple negative situations such as:

  • you can’t talk to your doctor on a regular basis or outside regular office hours
  • you have long wait times at the office
  • you feel you are herded through the office when you finally get to see your doctor
  • you may feel like you don’t really have a personal relationship with your doctor

With Direct Primary Care, Dr. Wobbekind does not have to focus on how many visits she needs to see you to keep her doors open or whether she should add another blood pressure medication to get your numbers just right for insurance reimbursement. Rather, you and Dr. Wobbekind can focus on keeping you healthy and happy. You have the option to see her in the office, email or text her your blood pressure readings, or even send her a recent article you are interested in knowing more about. Dr. Wobbekind is more interested in finding lifestyle changes that work for you rather than adding on another medication to meet your health goals.

Dr. Wobbekind received her undergraduate degree in Psychobiology with a Minor in English from UCLA. She returned to Colorado for medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She then completed her Primary Care Internal Medicine residency at George Washington University in Washington, DC. After residency, she again returned to Colorado where she remotely completed her Master’s in Public Health and Tropical Medicine training through Johns Hopkins University.


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