Althea Tyndall-Smith, MD


Dr. Tyndall-Smith moved to Gainesville in 2013 from York, Pennsylvania. She started her career in medicine in 2005, at York Hospital, one of the oldest community family medicine residency programs in the country, after graduating from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. She also worked for a federally qualified health clinic in York, Pennsylvania. As a result of Dr. Tyndall-Smith’s commitment to medical volunteer work for several programs in the City of York, she was awarded the Community Ambassador APEX Award by the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers. She relocated to Gainesville to be closer to family and joined the University of Florida as a clinical assistant professor in the Community Health and Family Medicine Department where she taught medical students, saw patients at one of the outpatient clinics and was a part of the College of Medicine Interview Committee.

Dr. Tyndall-Smith’s desire to practice medicine started in early childhood, being profoundly influenced by her family doctor who modeled success in long-lasting and trusting physician-patient relationships. She has always been interested in empowering patients to take control of their own health, and understands the importance of teaching the patient to understand their medical condition to make the most informed medical decisions, something that takes time. During her years of practice in the traditional model of medicine, it became increasingly more about quantity and not quality of patient care so she decided to transition her practice. As a result, Dr. Tyndall-Smith left and co-founded Gainesville DPC Physicians in order to spend quality time with her patients and their families. “It will be a practice that will meet the medical needs of the patient in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling for both of us, without the restrictions of the large institutions and insurance mandates. It will allow me to get to know my patients and to develop strong and lasting relationships, which is the foundation of exceptional health care.”

Dr. Tyndall-Smith enjoys her Caribbean culture through travel, food and music. She enjoys sharing her joy of music by participating in the praise and worship team at The Family Church. She enjoys playing the piano and riding her bike, and shares her life and dreams with her husband and two sons.


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