“When we visit a Nextera office, it’s just like going home.”

Todd Norris

Frederick, CO

Nextera member since 2009

About a year ago, I was in Texas on a hunting trip. Reaching down into the underbrush without gloves, I was stung by a scorpion. The ranch was remote—at least 40 minutes to the nearest hospital or clinic. But I’m a Nextera member, so I used the Spruce app to text the doctor on call and asked what to do. After sending them a photo of my hand, Nextera sent back instructions: Take Benadryl. When I think about how, without my Nextera membership, I would have had to leave the ranch, drive 40 minutes, and likely endure a long wait before being seen, just to be told to take Benadryl! Another time, I cut my hand on the lawn mower. I texted over a photo to see whether I needed stitches. The answer was, “Yes, come on in.”

The convenience and time savings are so valuable. My time is important to me. And even though some things, like remote consults or prescription refills, are technology-enabled, it is still a very personal relationship. When we visit a Nextera office, it’s just like going home. Everyone knows us, we are greeted by name, they ask after our children and how they are doing. The environment is much more comfortable and personal.

My wife and I have been Nextera members for 10 years. When my employer stopped paying for it two years ago, we decided to continue it on our own because it was in the best interests of our family. Having started as members when our children were in middle and high school, we know the convenience of being seen right away when your kid is sick or crying. The worst thing you can do is sit in a waiting room for a long time. Now that my oldest daughter is married, she chose to join Nextera on her own.

The value far outweighs the cost. We get a great return on our investment in Nextera membership.


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