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Cut Out the Middle Man

At Nextera Healthcare in Longmont, we do healthcare the right way. Instead of having to deal with being reimbursed by your insurance company, steep copays, and confusing red tape, direct primary care services like Nextera Healthcare in Longmont allow you to work directly with your doctor. With us, you simply pay one low monthly membership and you’re covered. You gain access to unlimited visits both virtually and in-person and you never pay any copays or extra fees. Check out some other great benefits of direct primary care with Nextera Healthcare in Longmont below and contact us today to get the healthcare services you deserve.


What Are Some Other Benefits of Direct Primary Care with Nextera Healthcare in Longmont?


  • Save Money
  • Get More Personalized Healthcare
  • Get More Time With Your Doctor
  • Cover 80-90% of Your Healthcare Needs
  • Unlimited Access to Primary Care

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