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Choose Direct Primary Care

At Nextera Healthcare in Denver, we provide a better healthcare solution called “direct primary care.” With direct primary care, you work directly with your primary care doctor rather than having to work with your insurance company to find “in-network doctors” and pay copays. Direct primary care with Nextera Healthcare in Denver grants you unlimited access to your doctor over the phone, email, text, video chat, and in-person. There are never any copays, just one low monthly membership fee. Learn more about direct primary care in Denver by contacting Nextera Healthcare today!


What are the Benefits of Direct Primary Care at Nextera Healthcare in Denver?


  • Save Money
  • Unlimited Access to Your Primary Care Doctor
  • Cover 80-90% of All Your Healthcare Needs
  • Build A Relationship With Your Doctor
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Appointment Availability


Become a member of Nextera Healthcare in Denver today.