Torey Ivanic, PA-C


Daughter of two public school teachers in rural Ohio, Torey grew up loving gymnastics. She was drawn to the healing arts due to her struggles with back pain, hypothyroidism, and joint pain as a teenage athlete. She disliked popping pills for pain and wanted to figure out a better way. Studying pre-med at Ohio State University, she never intended to end up as an MD and was headed for Chiropractic college but got delayed by the power of mountains. Thinking she would take a “year off” as a ski bum in Breckenridge, 1998 quickly turned into 2001 as she fell in love with the healing power of nature, rock climbing and telemark skiing. She took a job as a medical assistant at a small family practice and was impressed by the depth of the relationship she saw in rural medicine. She applied to Physician Assistant school with the hopes that it would be a flexible mom job if she ever had the honor of owning that title.

In 2003 she graduated with her master’s from the Arizona School of Health Sciences and took a job in Three Rivers California. A town of 3500 people just outside Sequoia National park, the clinic was about 45 minutes from the closest hospital or urgent care. Dr. AJ Rice, her supervising physician, and mentor had been practicing both family practice and classical homeopathy in that town for more than 20 years. Torey immediately went back to school (then Homeopathy School of Colorado) to get her certification in Classical Homeopathy. She worked with Dr. Rice for about 10 years when she became a mom, and he became ill. He sadly passed away in 2012. Homeopathy was difficult to fit into the traditional western medical model, so, in 2013, Torey started Homeopathy First LLC to continue Dr. Rice’s legacy of offering a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine. In 2017, Torey wrote her memoir, No Big Deal.

She lives in Golden with her husband, two kids, one dog, one cat, one hamster, and three chickens. They can be found skiing, hiking fourteeners, camping, and recreating when not otherwise occupied.


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