Paul Berger, MD

Longmont, Boulder

Paul Berger, MD, has been practicing Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine in Boulder Colorado for 22 years. He is double certified in these two fields and was a founding diplomate of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine in 2000. He initially opened the Boulder Community Hospital- Holistic Medical Center in 2001 and then continued with that practice as it moved and changed over the years. Dr. Berger feels the model of care at Nextera provides the best model for personalized, comprehensive medical care.

Dr. Berger feels that conventional medicine is a wonderful basis for medical care and, in addition, that lifestyle and reasonable alternative approaches can often help patients to avoid the more invasive approaches that can be found in conventional medicine. Dr. Berger, therefore, offers these two approaches and likes to help patients to choose which ones are safe, and preferred by the individual patient.

Some of the special areas of special interest that he has helped many patients with include Weight Management, Autoimmune Disease (esp. arthritis, thyroid, and IBS), Hormone Replacement, Functional Medicine, and natural treatments for Anti-aging, pain, and mood issues.

Dr. Berger lived in many countries growing up, both coasts, and completed his medical school at the University of Minnesota, then residency in Idaho, before coming back to his favorite state Colorado! He has two children and loves to get outdoors.


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